Everis supports 17 Portuguese startups through Linkup

By May 5, 2017PT

(original article: https://www.ntech.news/everis-linkup-17-startups-portuguesas/)

Everis decided to take a different path from typical entrepreneurship initiatives: Instead of opening a contest and waiting for the candidates to reach out to themselves, the technology decided to go looking for startups and young ideas with potential.

The result is the Linkup initiative, an entrepreneurship program that aims to combine the skills of Everis, as a company with 20 years of market, to innovation and the young spirit of Portuguese startups.

“Este é um programa muito importante para nós e queremos levar isto de forma séria”, disse durante a apresentação da iniciativa o presidente do conselho de administração da Everis, António Brandão de Vasconcelos.

“This is a very important program for us and we want to take this seriously,” António Brandão de Vasconcelos, chairman of the Everis board of directors, said during the presentation.

Everis has set three great goals for Linkup. “First of all, you should bring business to us Everis and to your startups. If you bring business only to one side, the program is not balanced, “began the chairman of the technology.

Secondly, Linkup must serve to collaborate with the ecosystem of entrepreneurship that exists in Portugal and help it to internationalize itself. “We have offices in 16 countries and our parent company [NTT Data] has more than forty. If things go well in Lisbon we can expand, “added António Brandão Vasconcelos.

The third objective is to create a culture-sharing system between companies: Everis captures entrepreneurial spirit, new work dynamics and new ways of approaching problems, while giving startups a greater focus on business and strong support from the planning side of business.

The chairman of Everis Portugal also revealed that it is the goal of the technology to repeat the initiative in the future, but first is focused on making happen the partnership with this first group of 17 startups.

Agentifai, ShiftForward, Crowdprocess, Loqr, Visor.Ai, Defined Crowd, ProDrone, Drivit, CardioID, FoundVet, BlueWorks, Enging, Glartek, Knok, Mapidea, Plux e Muzzley were the chosen companies  to integrate this first edition of Everis Linkup.

All startups are based on technology proposals, varying later in problem solving areas: there are projects focused on the health segment, others focused on the Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity and clients with a strong industrial profile.

How the startups were chosen

The entrepreneurship program that was officially launched today began to be prepared at the beginning of the year, in January, when Everis made a roadshow through Portugal to survey startups with innovative projects. Porto, Coimbra, Braga and Lisbon were some of the cities visited during this phase.

This initial survey resulted in the selection of 300 startups, which were later tapered into a group of 90 ideas, taking into account the profile that Everis intended to give to Linkup. These 90 ideas were subsequently presented to the managers of the different Everis business units who selected 50 ideas. This group of startups then had access to a face-to-face meeting with Everis and it was from this direct contact that resulted in the selection of the 17 startups finalists.

Everis admits that of all the projects they evaluated, there were proposals that were interesting from the point of view of innovation, but did not give strong indicators in the creation of a model of collaboration between the parties.

“We think we also have some social responsibility in helping this sector, this economy that is gaining a lot of strength in Portugal. We have some obligation to help. And we think we can help with our knowledge of the national market and with our ability to help them scale internationally, “António Brandão Vasconcelos told  Ntech.news at the end of the event.