Founded in 2011, Enging is an innovative Portuguese company, specialized on advanced and disruptive industrial asset condition monitoring solutions to monitor the condition of the electric motors and power transformers.

Today, and following the trend of Industry 4.0, the condition monitoring of the various assets in companies has become very important. Enging has developed a completely disruptive monitoring platform, ePrediMntc®, dedicated to the predictive maintenance of electric motors and power transformers. These valuable assets are the work horse of modern industry. With an early fault detection in these machines, it is possible to prevent unintentional stoppages and avoid large costs.

Exclusively using electrical variables and based on the latest IIoT technologies, Enging develops disruptive, non-invasive and real-time monitoring solutions, that allow for an extremely precocious and accurate online fault detection through an user-friendly web platform, ePreditMntc®. With this innovative condition monitoring platform, our customers can effectively manage the performance and anticipate failures in their assets.

Enging by constantly searching for innovation as core of its developments, offers a pioneering technology in the market, highlighted by the advantages when compared to the other existing technologies.

Enging is fully committed to the continuous development of new and disruptive online monitoring techniques with the aim to provide more efficient and effective solutions by embracing innovative technologies.


Enging has as a mission to develop innovative industrial solutions, with the main objective to help its customers in the various areas of the company’s activities.


Enging intends to be an innovative and global reference company that offers technological solutions for the industry.


  • Quality, Competence and Credibility
  • Ethics, Transparency and Honesty
  • Efficiency and Sustainability
  • Involvement and partnership of all interested parties
  • Training, valuation and respect by collaborators
  • Enging intends to build a global business of success based on a reputation of demand. reputation is our most valuable assets at worldwide and is reflected in our values.

Quality and Safety Policy

ENGING assumes a commitment to QUALITY and SAFETY through the establishment of a Quality and Safety Management System, participated and based on a set of practices and procedures that support the implementation of the strategy and ensure the compliance with the established objectives, in a constant perspective of continuous improvement.

ENGING establishes as guiding principles:

  • FOCUSING ON INTERESTED PARTIES – ENGING makes efforts to identify the needs of its stakeholders, including customers and employees, to understand and satisfy them and to orient themselves to exceed their expectations;
  • LEADERSHIP – ENGING’s Board of Directors ensures the definition of policies and objectives, as well as the promotion of an internal environment conducive to the involvement of people in the achieving these same objectives and the scrupulous compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements;
  • PEOPLE INVOLVEMENT – people, at all levels, are the essence of ENGING and when they become fully involved, they make their skills available for the benefit of the company itself. Enging provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and health conditions;
  • EMPLOYEES – Ensuring the development and well-being of employees, ensuring consultation and their participation or that of their representatives at all levels and functions of ENGING and eliminating all hazards and reducing all risks for Safety and Health at Work;
  • PROCESS APPROACH – ENGING’s objectives are achieved more efficiently when activities are identified and interrelated, which use resources to transform inputs into outputs with added value;
  • EFFICIENCY – optimizing costs (avoiding waste), making resources profitable (through the continuous systematization of processes), ensuring the Company’s economic-financial balance and its sustainable development.
  • QUALITY AND SAFETY – maintain the implementation of the Quality and Safety Management System, in accordance with the standards NP EN ISO 9001 and NP ISO 45001 and continuously improve its effectiveness and the overall performance of ENGING.



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