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The assets monitored by Enging are considered critical in any industry. A breakdown causes high financial losses and may cause problems for people and installations safety.

Focusing on the latest IIoT Technologies, ePreditMntc® is a disruptive approach in the traditional asset condition monitoring platforms.

ePreditMntc® is a user-friendly web platform that, in a seamless way, allows a real-time, online and remote monitoring of the electric machine´s operating conditions.

ePreditMntc® gives an extremely precocious and accurate real-time degradation and fault detection. This platform relies in specific deterministic mathematical models of electric machines to provide very detailed information of small abnormalities that start to arise in a very early stage. This information enables clients to schedule maintenance rather than having failures interrupt critical processes.

With one web platform, ePreditMntc®, and where you want whenever you want, you can have the really notion of the operating conditions of your transformer, motor, generator, wind turbine or solar farm.


Enging employs a deterministic mathematical model as the kernel for their analyses to provide the necessary physical bounds on the output. Using a non-invasive approach to acquire the electric variables (current and voltage) of the monitored machines, high frequency sampling and highly developed and tested algorithms for the performance electric machines ePreditMntc® provides the ability to:

– predict the operating condition and degradation of electric machines;
– identify incipient faults that could result in an unplanned stoppage of the machine.


As the ePreditMntc® starts with a mathematical model of performance, the system can be deployed without the need for any historic data set and can provide actionable insight immediately.

ePreditMntc® provides detailed and targeted machine condition assessments from day-one of monitoring, allowing for the identification, scheduling and planned repair or replacement as necessary, rather than awaiting failure and requiring repair during operations.


Limited visibility on your assets’ health means you can hardly know when a catastrophic asset failure will occur. ePreditMntc®’s algorithms identify manufacturing defects, improper installation or maintenance, as well as potential intermittent faults in the key components of your industrial assets. With improved visibility on asset conditions, you can optimize your maintenance schedule and keep your critical assets safe and fit for operation. Increased assets availability enhanced productivity and save maintenance cost.


In addition to the early detection of degradations and fault detections, ePreditMntc® identify sources of energy inefficiency.

ePreditMntc® can detect developing abnormalities that cause assets to run less efficiently, installation’s electric problems, assets that need to be rightsized for their processes, and processes that are inefficient by design, helping your plants reduce their energy consumption.


The user interface is very simple, intuitive and presents several graphs for data visualization. In the majority of these graphs, it is possible to navigate, zoom, select/unselect variables. By positioning the mouse pointer over the curves in the graph, detailed information is automatically provided.


Graphs with the Assets Degradation Factors trends will be always present, providing indication of their global degradation tendency. For this graph, the yellow and red thresholds/limits are also shown and automatically alarms can be send to the users.

When a failure does occur, ePreditMntc® will tell your users exactly what’s wrong with the asset, enabling your team to act as quickly as possible with a accurate source of actionable information.