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Wind Operations Europe 2021

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The production of energy from renewable sources has grown considerably in recent years, resulting in a significant increase in the installed capacity of wind power and number of turbines in service on-shore and off-shore. Turbine technologies, whether geared or direct drive, are rapidly evolving in terms of power and complexity, and there is an urgent need for cost effective operation and maintenance (O&M) strategies. Unplanned downtime represents one of the main cost drivers of wind farms.
Electrical machines are usually reliable compared to other components such as drivetrain and gearboxes, but in the wind industry, generators have proven to be the cause of significant downtime. This is because their failure rate and downtime per failure, are unacceptably high.
For this reason, ENGING has developed a specific solution, the PreditWindT, for the real-time monitoring of the main components of the power module in wind turbines, namely the generator, power electronics (frequency converter and soft starter) and transformer, that will allow operators to apply preventive maintenance strategies instead of corrective actions, with increased availability and significant operation cost savings.

PV Operations Europe 2021

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Leveraged by an urgent need for a de-carbonization of the power sector, over the last two decades, utility-scale (grid-connected) photovoltaic (PV) systems have increased from a niche market to one of the leading power generation capacity additions annually.

The success of these utility-scale PV systems relies, essentially, in one hand in maximizing the generation efficiency and availability, in order to get maximum output energy possible in a maximum amount of time, and in the other hand minimizing the economic effort associated to O&M expenses.

However, almost 70% of PV systems energy losses, due to unexpected failures, are related to both Solar Inverters and Transformers. Monitoring these assets, collecting real-time data, in order to know each and in every moment its status can represent a great amount of savings.

Taking that into account, Enging – Make Solutions developed a technique to monitoring these critical assets. Enging aims to offer PV systems owners an extremely accurate predictive maintenance solution using a completely non-invasive approach, thus preventing costly corrective maintenance actions and unexpected stoppages with huge non-production costs.

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Enging @ Power NRIDigital

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Enging @ Power NRIDigital – Issue 126


The development of intelligent power networks and industries, aiming for greater energy efficiency, greater penetration of renewable energies and greater use of current assets, leads to a higher requirement of operating conditions and expectations for asset management. In this context all industrial world is seeking for a more intelligent and predictive maintenance, beyond the traditional curative or time-based maintenance. The implementation of a simple and reliable real-time monitoring solution for electric machines allows optimizing the management of the life cycle of the equipment, prevent failures, reduce operating and maintenance costs, monetize investments or postpone new investments. Enging – Make Solutions introduces himself by the words of its CEO Marco Ferreira.