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Leveraged by an urgent need for a de-carbonization of the power sector, over the last two decades, utility-scale (grid-connected) photovoltaic (PV) systems have increased from a niche market to one of the leading power generation capacity additions annually.

The success of these utility-scale PV systems relies, essentially, in one hand in maximizing the generation efficiency and availability, in order to get maximum output energy possible in a maximum amount of time, and in the other hand minimizing the economic effort associated to O&M expenses.

However, almost 70% of PV systems energy losses, due to unexpected failures, are related to both Solar Inverters and Transformers. Monitoring these assets, collecting real-time data, in order to know each and in every moment its status can represent a great amount of savings.

Taking that into account, Enging – Make Solutions developed a technique to monitoring these critical assets. Enging aims to offer PV systems owners an extremely accurate predictive maintenance solution using a completely non-invasive approach, thus preventing costly corrective maintenance actions and unexpected stoppages with huge non-production costs.

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